How to Refresh Your Writing

I try to share what I learn, when I think others will find it useful. After deciding to completely refresh this blog, I had to first learn how someone changes their approach to writing and publishing in general. After many fruitless searches on Google, I found the best results after instead searching ‘how to refresh your writing.’ Here’s what I’ve learned…


Start with the place you write

It’s hard to do good work in a place that is working against you. A few simple changes can make a big difference. For example:

  • Sit near a window for natural daylight. If it doesn’t open, find another way to get fresh air into your space.
  • Soft background music can help stimulate imagination and creativity.
  • Some other tips are on The Write Life.


Change it up

  • If your routine feels stale, try going to different places or writing about a different topic.


Improve your reading quality

  • If you’ve filled your head with low-quality articles from tabloids and social media, it’s hard to then think and write in a higher-quality way. Cut that stuff from your reading list.
  • Choose a regular input that helps you to create a better output. A haiku or poem per day, or reading more of the classics regularly, helps you to think better and then write better. You need those examples of good writing, not examples of bad writing.


Use checks for pointers and improvements

  • It’s great if you have a writing coach, tutor, or class. If not, try an online service or app like the Hemingway App to check your style and suggest improvements.


Commit to ongoing improvement

  • I’ve written in other posts about writing skills books (here). Find a learning method that works for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s books, videos, online courses, classes, or whatever. Use whatever suits your learning style and try to always improve.



In addition to the general writing on this blog, I also need to think about the overall content and direction. Starting from now, I will revisit every post I wrote before 2017 and decide if it’s still relevant. I’ll then either re-write it or delete it.

It doesn’t always have to be about investing, but it’s good to keep it at least 80% business related. Let me know in the comments or on social media if there’s something you’d like to see covered.