Some of the services listed below required attributions in their terms of service. However, even when it wasn’t required, I’ve also added links where I think the services used deserve extra recognition. I only continue to use what I am happy with, so these providers can be considered as my suggestions if you are looking for helpful pointers.

In alphabetical order…


Fundamental Data


  • Artful icons are by Vectors Market on Flaticon.
  • WordPress core, and the WordPress theme and plugins used include some simple icons.

Images and Editing

  • Demo images on the homepage or elsewhere are by MediaModifier. The images added to the demo mock-up were live screenshots taken with a user account.
  • Featured images at the top of blog posts are from Pixabay under the creative commons license, or from BrainyQuote. Supporting images within a blog post will have their own attribution included with the image.
  • All image editing is done with Canva.

Price and Technicals

  • The technical chart in the members area is from TradingView.



Please get in touch if you think any credits are missing or need to be adjusted.

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