Announcing My Book Project

When you tell people you write a blog, it’s often only a matter of time before they ask, “Would you ever write a book?” Everyone’s got a book in them, supposedly. But there’s a big difference between thinking that you’d love to write a book someday, and actually writing one.

I’ve toyed with a few book ideas in the past, but each time I couldn’t decide on a niche that hadn’t already been covered. I only want to write a book if I’m offering some value to my readers. I decided that I would do it as soon as I found the right niche content to write about.

Part of the reason I started blogging is because of a Ron Kaufman seminar I attended. First he asked us to hold our hand up if we ever dreamed of writing a book. Almost everyone in the audience raised their hand. Then he asked us to keep our hand up if we:

  1. Have ever written an article, guide or report (a few hands came down)
  2. Have a regular writing habit (lots of hands came down)
  3. Have already written the first chapter of our book (most hands were down by now)
  4. Have published our first book and have started a second book (only 1 hand in hundreds stayed up, and it was Ron’s)

With this simple exercise he highlighted the difference between:

  • The number of people who dream of writing a book, and
  • The number of people who actually do something about it

His advice that day was to find a way to write regularly, and if you keep it up you’ll eventually publish a book. This is one of the reasons why I started a blog. Apart from enjoying writing in general, I wanted the practice.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve found the niche content I’d like to write a book about. I’ve found some books by great investors in non-English languages, and I’d like to write a book in English about their strategy. There are many fascinating and successful investors in other countries. But often they are only written or talked about in their own language in their own country. I’d like to change this, and bring the knowledge to people who prefer to read in English.

I’m starting with German investors. In the future I’d like to cover successful investors and strategies from other countries, but Germany is the most logical starting point for me.

I’m aiming to have my first book published by the end of 2018, detailing the strategies of successful German fund managers. So stay posted for more news about this over the coming year.